Telehealth Guidelines

Virtual Sessions Checklist:

To make the most of our sessions:

  1. Find a quiet, private location,
  2. With a stable internet connection,
  3. Prepare for possible distractions from others, 
  4. Limit distractions from one’s self (playing games, surfing the internet, chatting, etc. while in session),
  5. It can be helpful to place music or white noise outside your door. You can use your phone or a radio.
  6. Use a quality camera
  7. Consider using headphones for added privacy and quality audio
  8. Open Google Meet via the link I send, in advance and test sound/video/connection
  9. Make the room comfortable for yourself keeping in mind you will be sitting for the length of the session. Have a drink near by, if you’d like, and some kleenex handy. Make sure you can be seen in the camera preferably from the wait up.


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