“I have gotten so much out of doing natural processing with Sheryl Knopf. It has helped me to decrease my chronic anxiety and sleep better. I have started paying more attention to my breathing and to what my body is saying to me.
I had some chronic hip pain and that has gone away. I have tried many treatments for the hip pain ( ie chiropractor, yoga)  and what has worked is the natural processing. I have learned that I “sit on issues” and don’t speak up. As I have become more aware through natural processing what i am “sitting on” the pain has gone away. Sheryl is a highly skilled therapist who I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with.

– A client from Newburyport

I’d like to say that the work we did using EMDR and other forms of therapy have been incredibly positive and successful! You were extremely patient, and very easy to talk to. I learned a lot about myself, and how to apply new ideas and tools, in order to create a much better life for me to lead. Thank you for being available, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, and for everything you did for me.

 – A client from Newburyport

“I sought counseling with Sheryl Knopf in 2008 for post traumatic stress.  She guided me through the long and hard road to recovery using EMDR techniques, and she supported and counseled me through my difficult divorce and annulment proceedings.
Sheryl is a patient , thorough and gifted therapist. Her relocation from Western Massachusetts is a loss to our community.”

-A grateful client from Springfield,MA


“Dear Sheryl,
I want to express my sincere appreciation for all of your guidance, warmth, compassion, and strength.
Therapy helped me to see just how much of my self-image was tied up in my traumas. EMDR therapy has allowed me to change my thought patterns in ways that have been extremely helpful. Yet, I am more “me” than I ever remember being – and I also sense that in many ways I am starting over.
I can honestly say that the last time I remember being this happy was as a young child.
But I can also say that it wasn’t easy.
If one has the courage, the honesty, and the determination, it’s amazing what can be found.
It’s that easy, and it’s that hard.
You are a gifted and remarkable person, and I am so grateful for your help.
I hope you will recognize me up as one of your successes.”

D. from Springfield,MA


When I started seeing Sheryl last year, I was haunted by the brutal abuse of my childhood. Though in my sixties, fear and anger had continued to be constant companions – distorting every view I held of the world around me as well as how I saw myself. Even the simplest human encounter – like paying a cashier for groceries – was infused with anxiety. Sleep was regularly interrupted, and I often dreaded going to bed because of the anticipated insomnia. Getting up in the morning was almost always a chore. While through great effort I managed to function, I never learned to simply live.
Through Sheryl’s gentle guidance I was encouraged to live much more freely in the present – freed of the burden of my past. Week by week I sensed an increasing lightness both in what I felt I was carrying around with me as well as how I perceived the world. This expanded vision was facilitated through the skillful use of EMDR as well as through discussion. Never dogmatic but exceedingly diligent on my behalf, Sheryl empowered me to become my own best teacher (comparable perhaps to the “give a fish, teach to fish” proverb). There’s still work to be done, which will be true for the foreseeable future, but at least now I can do it after a good night’s sleep and with joy in my heart.
I firmly believe that God guided me to Sheryl, and I have no doubt this will happen for others.

a Newburyport,MA client

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