Weight Management Counseling

photodune-7291831-diet-mStruggling with your weight? Wish you were more active, exercising more? Wish you just felt better about your body and your health?

These are common problems for so many of us. Often the best approach to addressing these issues is to take one step at a time. Trying to change your meals, your level of activity and your mind set all at once, can be overwhelming and a formula for failure.

By taking one step at a time you can achieve small but significant successes. Then you will build on these successes to work towards your goals.

We will set small goals together that you decide are achievable.  If you overeat at one meal, don’t give up on eating healthier. You get to eat better at the next meal. Don’t beat yourself up. Its about giving yourself permission to do the best you can.

We will use various tools to support you in your efforts towards better self care.  Some of these include using fitness apps. Together we set small weekly goals. For example, if you have not been active it may be a walk to the mailbox or around the block and then we gradually build from there.

Exercise and diet are so important, not just for weight loss but also for your mental health and general well being.

Take your first step and call or email Sheryl Knopf, LICSW at 978-255-3136


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